Pediatric Urgent Care Clinics

Pediatric Urgent Care facilities often supplement existing Pediatric Primary Care services by offering high-quality, urgent care for kids in the evenings or on the weekends. In some cases, a Pediatric Urgent Care center can even offer overnight stays for children who have illnesses or injuries that require specialized attention, such as fractures and trauma. Urgent care for kids is also provided at local walk-in clinics, community activity centers, and school clinics. If an in-home overnight stay is necessary for an ill child, parents can schedule an appointment with a Pediatric Urgent Care center to be seen by a doctor in a small group. The doctors and nurses are specially trained in caring for sick kids, so they know how to help their young patients while ensuring that families can keep their children safe and warm.Find additional information at CHKD Pediatric Urgent Care | Virginia Beach.

A Pediatric Urgent Care clinic may also offer a specialized version of walk-in clinics for small groups of kids who may need specialized care. These clinics are run by Pediatric Urgent Care departments in local hospitals or schools. When a child has an appointment scheduled with a Pediatric Urgent Care provider, the patient can enter the clinic through a lobby and be taken immediately to the doctor’s examination room or office. After seeing a doctor, the patient can then leave the clinic and go back home.

Walk-in clinics allow families to get urgent care when it is needed most. Families can schedule an appointment with a Pediatric Urgent Care doctor, so they can get the care they need right away. Some communities also have their own Pediatric Urgent Care clinics at local hospitals. To find out more information about a walk-in pediatrician’s clinic near you, contact your local hospitals or your community’s pediatricians clinic. If you have an idea of how many appointments you would like to have with a specific doctor, call the clinic to make an appointment.