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Also other diseases can be cured by medical marijuana. Using marijuana just for fun is not at all legal because it can cause many diseases to people who are addicted to it. There are many states now that have approved the use of marijuana as medicine legally like California. There are only certain centers that are allowed to keep marijuana those have the license to keep it. No one can sell marijuana without license legally.Checkout dispensaries for more info.

The government where use of marijuana is legal has the full record of the dealers who have the authority to keep it and sell it on the medical purposes. The professional have applied for the license for the authorization of the marijuana use so that herb can reach to the patients who need them. The use of marijuana is not authorized to everyone. There are laws made by the government on the use of marijuana.
In Canada there are certain laws made for the users and the growers of marijuana. The grower in Canada must give his complete information and the information bout the quantity and type marijuana to the government, as at the time of output it is monitored if the amount listed is same as that of the output yielded. Also whom this herb is grown must also be listed in the information. These herbs can also be grown by private people of the countries other than government who is growing it for the medical purpose. You can only grow it if you have authorized permission from the government.
The grower who is licensed can only grow a limited amount of marijuana according to government rules. They do not have right to grow as much amount as they want. There are some authorities who are involved in taking care of how much amount of the herb is grown by whom also they keep there eye on the distribution of the herbs so that it can not be used for wrong purposes. The amount of herb produced is used by the health care foundation for treating people medically.


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