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This is natural, but despite this, I am shocked at how little God seems to be mentioned in this case. Anyone who has read the Bible knows about the plagues, famines, and natural disasters. They were often used to reacquaint God’s children with reality. To assist them in recognising that their poor habits were killing them. Before they could kill themselves, they needed their eyes opened. In other words, these plagues were often intended to aid in the salvation of God’s children. They could be spared if they changed their ways and returned to living righteously. As I’ve considered this, I’m wondering if this Virus isn’t one of the ways God has helped us to look at ourselves and realise that we may need to make some changes in our lives.Learn more by visiting  Partida Corona Medical Center

It astounds me. Today is the day. How many people claim that they do not believe in God? How many people have decided to abandon their faith, religion, and moral values in favour of following the ways of the world? How quickly and easily they rationalise their behaviour. Both fingers are pointed at the reasons for their decision to leave. It’s so easy to turn our backs on God and refuse to believe!

When people walked away from God, it was because they had achieved a point of pride and wealth, and they thought they didn’t need Him any more, according to the scriptures. It seemed to be a repeating period. We’re in the middle of the loop right now. Life is wonderful at the top of the cycle. We aren’t in desperate need of something. In most cases, we are very prosperous. We have everything we want and have no big desires. I’m speaking on behalf of the community in which I actually live. Take a look at many, if not all, people’s habits. The ten commandments have no significance.