West Dundee Solar Panels – A Closer Look

A solar panel, or photovoltaic module, is a device made up of solar photovoltaic cells arranged in a frame for easy installation. Solar panels generate direct current energy from the sun, which can be stored in rechargeable batteries. A series of PV modules formed into a solar array is known as a solar PV panel, and an interconnected network of such panels is called a solar PV grid.Feel free to find more information at West Dundee solar panels.

The amount of electricity in a solar panel generates directly relates to the amount of sunlight that the panel’s photovoltaic cells can absorb and change the current in. When more sun hits the panels, the electricity generated is greater than what could be produced if the same amount of sunlight were not present. Because more sun means more electricity, it makes sense to place solar panels where there is a lot of sun. For this reason, the US Department of Energy (DOE) currently has a program called SunContract for the installation of solar panels on residential homes. SunContract is currently being funded by the US government through grants and loan programs, allowing those homeowners that can afford to invest in solar energy to tap into this free, available source of alternative energy.

If you want to generate electricity using solar panels, then you will need a DC to AC inverter to convert the DC current in your batteries to the AC current you need. There are several types of DC to AC inverters available to choose from including:

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