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Hardscaping refers to the incorporation of hardscape materials into a landscape, the incorporation of such materials being integrated into the landscape over a period of time to create a look that is both striking and enduring. With hardscaping you are essentially aiming to create a look that is distinctive, original and stylistically versatile. This can be done by creating striking features through the incorporation of landscape elements, such as stone features, planting walls and boulders or alternatively, hardscaping can also be used to create a more natural look, that is characterised by plants and planting rather than hardscape elements.Do you want to learn more? Visit Capital Land Companies – Albany hardscaping

There is no reason why hardscaping cannot be used as a compliment to hardscape elements. As hardscape elements are generally quite bold and powerful, hardscaping should be used as a means to soften and add interest to the overall look of the landscape to ensure it is complimentary.
One of the most common uses for hardscaping is the incorporation of features such as driveways. In most cases, it is not only the aesthetic appeal of the hardscaping element that draws people to hardscaping, but the practicality of incorporating a landscaped driveway into your landscape as well. The practicality of the hardscaping comes from the fact that it offers a low-maintenance, durable and attractive surface that can be designed to suit any size and shape. Because the hardscaping is generally designed to incorporate a low-maintenance, durable and attractive surface, it offers people the opportunity to create a low-maintenance surface that can last for many years. The fact that the driveway is flat, smooth and level also helps the surface to remain clean and dry, eliminating the need for a high maintenance cleaning regime, such as waxing and laminates.
Water features are another popular form of hardscaping. Most landscapes include a water feature to add interest and variety to a landscaped area and, as with driveways and planting walls, the practicality factor is also an important factor in encouraging people to use landscapes. A well-designed water feature can be both attractive and functional. The benefits of using a water feature include not only its visual appeal but the way that water features, particularly stone water features, conserve and filter water. Moreover, they can provide a source of exercise and enjoyment for the whole family, as well as being an environmentally friendly solution to water conservation.